Sabra Saoud

Sabra Saoud

Sabra was born in 1978, Harrania village. Her family are ordinary farmers.

 As all other children, she attended the local primary school from the age of 6 till 16. When Sabra was 10, she started came to the art centre with other young kids to play and weave after school and during summer holidays. Several of her cousins were already weaving with Suzanne. That encouraged Sabra to give it a try and was given a small loom in 1990.

 Sabra is also part of the group of boys and girls whom belong to the 3rd group of the second generation young weavers and their studios were at the far end of the garden, closely monitored by Suzanne so not to be influenced by the other older children whom started few years earlier.

Sabra got married when she was 18 and stayed home for 6 years. She resumed weaving in 2004 and felt herself way behind her group. With strong determination and support from Suzanne she soon developed her own skills of weaving. Her subject matter varies from depicting village stories and farmer’s activates in the fields, to market places, the sea and garden landscapes with their detailed flowers and cactus.

Her tapestries have been part of the center’s exhibitions since 2006 till present. In the summer of 2015, one of her works, "Cactus and Sunflowers" was acquired by the newly opened Nile Ritz Carlton hotel in Cairo.

Sabra is a mother of 3 children; her eldest is 12 years old.


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Public Collections

Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, Acquired 2015